1. Contributing
  2. Thanks for your interest in contributing to the aoetools. The best
  3. way to submit proposed changes is in plain-text "patches". These
  4. patches are generated by the diff program.
  5. Patches should be clean (to the point and easy to read) and should do
  6. one thing. Send multiple patches if necessary. Patches should be
  7. generated with "diff -uprN" if possible, and should be designed to be
  8. applied with "patch -p1".
  9. Design note:
  10. The aoe-mkdevs and aoe-mkshelf scripts are expected to work with
  11. special device files forever, but the aoe-discover script will likely
  12. someday use sysfs or something similar instead of
  13. /dev/etherd/discover. The same goes for aoe-interfaces. For that
  14. reason, there is no runtime interface for giving aoe-discover an
  15. alternative to /dev/etherd at runtime. Instead, the device directory
  16. is set once and for all by make. That way, the user interface won't
  17. change or become obsolete when aoe-discover stops using
  18. /dev/etherd/discover.