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  1. # Configuration file for aoetools.
  2. ## NOTE: This file is NOT READ under systemd.
  3. ## If you need to restrict the used interfaces, please read /usr/lib/modules-load.d/aoetools.conf
  4. ## Filesystems can be mounted using /etc/fstab.
  5. # Enter the list of network interfaces to restrict the AoE discovery to, separated by spaces.
  6. # It can be blank, i.e. "", if you want to run AoE over all the interfaces.
  7. # If you do not want AoE discovery at all, enter "none" as the list of interfaces.
  8. #
  9. # If neither the aoe_iflist module load option nor this list of interfaces are used, the aoe driver
  10. # will use any network interface for AoE traffic.
  11. INTERFACES='none'
  12. # Enter a list of RAID arrays to be activated after AoE volumes are ready, separated by spaces,
  13. # without the /dev/ prefix and quoted. It may be blank.
  14. # Example:
  15. #RAID_ARRAYS='md0 md1'
  16. RAID_ARRAYS=''
  17. # Enter a list of LVM2 volume groups to be activated after AoE volumes are ready, separated by spaces.
  18. # It can be blank, i.e., ''.
  19. LVMGROUPS=''
  20. # Enter a list of file systems to be mounted over AoE. Note that those entries listed in /etc/fstab
  21. # that contain "/dev/etherd/" will be automatically added to this list.
  22. AOEMOUNTS=''