1. The aoetools are programs that assist in using ATA over Ethernet on
  2. systems with version 2.6 Linux kernels.
  3. Systems running 2.4 Linux kernels do not need and should not install
  4. the aoetools. The aoe driver for 2.4 kernels is self sufficient.
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. ATA over Ethernet (AoE) devices have a shelf address and a slot
  8. address. The aoe driver used to support only 10 slots per shelf
  9. address. The 2.6.14 kernel contains an aoe driver that supports up
  10. to 16 slots per shelf address. This change means that ...
  11. 1. It's easy to use the aoetools that come bundled with the aoe
  12. driver at the Coraid website.
  13. 2. It's easy to use aoetools-8 or later with kernels 2.6.14 or
  14. later.
  15. 3. It's easy to use other combinations as long as you read the
  16. information in the devnodes.txt file here.
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. If you need to configure the software, look at the variables at the
  19. top of the Makefile. The defaults should work for most people. When
  20. using the defaults there's only one step to configure and install the
  21. aoetools software and documentation:
  22. make install
  23. You'll need sufficient permissions to install in the default locations
  24. if you haven't overridden them with your own locations.
  25. Here is a brief list of the tools. Please see the man pages for
  26. further details.
  27. aoe-discover trigger discovery of ATA over Ethernet devices
  28. aoe-flush ask aoe driver to forget down devices
  29. aoe-interfaces restrict network interfaces used for AoE
  30. aoe-mkdevs create character and block device files
  31. aoe-mkshelf create block device files for one shelf address
  32. aoe-revalidate ask the aoe driver to update its state for a device
  33. aoe-stat print status information for AoE devices
  34. aoeping simple userland communication with AoE devices
  35. The aoetools homepage
  37. The Coraid homepage