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  1. Driver Compatibility
  2. Users of udev have device nodes like /dev/etherd/e0.0 created for them
  3. automatically, as needed. These are dynamic device nodes.
  4. Some systems use static device nodes, which are present in /dev
  5. regardless of what devices are really available to the system. The
  6. aoetools contain the aoe-mkdevs and aoe-mkshelf commands, which create
  7. static device nodes.
  8. To guard against confusion, it's important to have an aoetools
  9. installation that is compatible with your aoe driver. If you use an
  10. aoe driver from the Coraid website
  11. ( then just use the aoetools that
  12. come bundled with that deiver. If you didn't get your aoe driver from
  13. the Coraid website, then here's what to do:
  14. * Of course, read the README file in the aoetools sources.
  15. * To use aoetools-8 and later with older 2.6 kernels (2.6.13 and
  16. earlier), build the aoetools with an extra parameter for "make",
  17. like this:
  18. make NPERSHELF=10
  19. * To use aoetools-5 through aoetools-7 with newer 2.6 kernels
  20. (2.6.14 and later), build the aoetools with an extra parameter
  21. for "make", like this:
  22. make NPERSHELF=16
  23. * Using aoetools-4 and earlier with newer 2.6 kernels (2.6.14 and
  24. later) is not recommended.
  25. Other combinations should work with the default settings.