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@@ -9,15 +9,15 @@ Running upstream's test
 Upstream included some huge dump files to be tested for regressions
 during build. They have been removed from the Debian source package as
-they are pretty huge: Full upstream tarball: 42 Mbyte, after re-packing
-some 41 kbyte.
+they are pretty huge: Full upstream tarball: 51 Mbyte, after re-packing
+some 43 kbyte.
 To run the test during build:
 * Download the full upstream tarball from
 * Unpack the test files:
-$ tar --wildcards --strip-components=1 -xjvf <upstream.tar>.bz2 '*/test_*'
+$ tar --wildcards --strip-components=1 -xavf <upstream.tar>.gz '*/test_*'
 * Add the list to include-binaries so dpkg-source will not complain:
 $ ls -1 test_*/* >>debian/source/include-binaries