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  1. bgpdump library not included
  2. ----------------------------
  3. This package provides the bpgdump binary only. If you're in need of
  4. the libbgpdump library, file a bugreport severity wishlist.
  5. Running upstream's test
  6. -----------------------
  7. Upstream included some huge dump files to be tested for regressions
  8. during build. They have been removed from the source package as they
  9. are pretty huge: Full upstream tarball: 42 Mbyte, after re-packing
  10. some 41 kbyte.
  11. To run the test during build
  12. $ tar --wildcards --strip-components=1 -xjvf <upstream.tar>.bz2 '*/test_*'
  13. $ ls -1 test_*/* >>debian/source/include-binaries
  14. Then rebuild as usual.
  15. quagga configuration
  16. --------------------
  17. Since quagga documentation (10.15 "Dump BGP packets and table") is a
  18. bit terse, here a few hints:
  19. Add to your bgpd configuration, depending on whether you're interested
  20. in all messages or updates only:
  21. dump bgp all|updates <path> [<interval>]
  22. Where <interval> is in seconds. The <path> is a filename that must
  23. be writable by quagga. It may contain format specifiers as described
  24. in strftime(3).