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This file contains instructions to build and install Clevis from source


To build and install the Clevis software the following software packages are required. In many cases dependencies are platform specific and so the following sections describe them for the supported platforms.



There is a package already, so the package build dependencies information can be used to make sure that the needed packages to compile from source are installed:

$ sudo dnf builddep clevis

Building From Source

Configuring the Build

To configure Clevis, run meson which generates the build files:

$ meson build


Then compile the code using ninja:

$ ninja -C build -j$(nproc)


Once you've built the Clevis software it can be installed with:

$ sudo ninja -C build install

This will install Clevis to a location determined at configure time.

See the output of meson --help for the available options. Typically much won't be needed besides providing an alternative --prefix option at configure time, and maybe DESTDIR at install time if you're packaging for a distro.

After is installed, the dracut and systemd hooks can be added to the initramfs with:

$ sudo dracut -f