Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christoph Biedl f9b34532b5 file 1:5.38-4 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 2593709284 Add a basic autopkgtest 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 6aea5732f5 Update release documentation 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 08a9544f66 Explicitly disable seccomp support. Closes: #948522 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl ce2ed65574 Use the just-built file executable when running several debhelper programs. Closes: #948619 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 08955a77a4 file 1:5.38-3 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl c0fc7f0b87 Revert upstream commit "... count as dynamically linked only the binaries that have an interpreter". Closes: #948269 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 1c3813df20 file 1:5.38-2 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 68ec93497a Packaging cleanup 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl d257094523 Update copyright notices to 2020 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 9c56a462a9 file 1:5.38-1 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9b67ac3190 Disable detection of WE32K executables. Closes: #913867 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 8a5900802d Cherry-pick "%td is for ptrdiff_t not for off_t" from upstream 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 009654379c Refresh patch queue 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 819aa2c572 Merge upstream version 5.38 2 months ago
  Christos Zoulas 460653f3ba Import upstream version 5.38 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 7650c140d8 file 1:5.37-6 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 054940e842 Cherry-pick commit to restrict the number of CDF_VECTOR elements. Closes: #942830 [CVE-2019-18218] 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl d71c4c3edf file 1:5.37-5 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9094a01200 Re-disable seccomp support, not feasible yet. Closes: #932480, #932481, #932762, #932947 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 5e91b986dd file 1:5.37-4 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl e0dd7726b4 Allow syscalls make by libfakeroot. Closes: #932762 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 75c4c7a7a8 Cherry-pick two commits that fine-tune seccomp handling 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl e51a63d5ec file 1:5.37-3 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl eb59c769eb Cherry-pick "Always support the --no-sandbox option" 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl eeab2230b4 Packaging maintenance 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl ccf43ca42b file 1:5.37-2 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 81ea71ef01 Cherry-pick "Add lzma and bzip built-in decompression support" 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl f7f3eb2bfe Cherry-pick "Add lzma decompression support" 7 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 0e3047dff5 Refine seccomp support. Closes: #931985 7 months ago