Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christoph Biedl 732b8c26a1 file 1:5.35-4 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl cf50fd6ae8 Cherry-pick fix for JSON detection. Closes: 922874 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl f9f770fd32 file 1:5.35-3 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 9c606bf155 Cherry-pick two documentation fix commits 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl 678af6b135 Cherry-pick many commits since 5.35 release that seem wise to include in buster. Closes: #922967 [CVE-2019-8904], #922968 [CVE-2019-8905 CVE-2019-8907], #922969 [CVE-2019-8906] 1 month ago
  Christoph Biedl d5d750b5dc file 1:5.35-2 3 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 028e4dd72f Clarify manpage: seccomp is disabled for the time being (#917930) 3 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 8055114b3b Welcome 2019 3 months ago
  Christoph Biedl da55f432c3 file 1:5.35-1 5 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 86c1e38692 Refresh patch queue 5 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 178aaaa14f Merge upstream version 5.35 5 months ago
  Christos Zoulas 993f664c6d Import upstream version 5.35 6 months ago
  Christoph Biedl d0e89c87ab file 1:5.34-2 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl d84257867f Cherry-pick four commits from upstream, replacing local patches 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 74e8871e9d Document release procedure for new upstream versions 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl bff67b6e05 Cherry-pick from upstream: Handle [elf] files without program headers gracefully. Closes: #882310 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl dd7dbac34f Use secure URLs in package description 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 3d4e9a916d Fix "forward" URL in coff-amd64 patch 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9f3b1fa53b file 1:5.34-1 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 6d3a6bb1ff Add Vcs URLs 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl f88fd677fc Declare compliance with policy 4.1.5, bump debhelper compat level to 11 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 74ca74d49b Add preliminary support for AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format. Closes: #702744 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9053598c9f Add preliminary support for EDID. Closes: #896932 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9c9fdb2410 Add preliminary magic for SketchUp files. Closes: #903693 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl b87c51e536 Add extra magic file for magic to be upstreamed 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 5cd6bde765 Refresh patch queue 8 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 0266a17846 Merge upstream version 5.34 8 months ago
  Christos Zoulas 6c805a8615 Import upstream version 5.34 9 months ago
  Christoph Biedl f977ba6174 file 1:5.33-3 10 months ago
  Christoph Biedl aa8f2a3980 Avoid reading past the end of buffer. Closes: #901351 [CVE-2018-10360] 10 months ago