libmagic1.bug-presubj 778 B

  1. Reporting missing or buggy detection
  2. * Suggested bug severities
  3. - Missing detection (just 'data'), or enhancements: wishlist
  4. - Mis-detection: normal
  5. - Regressions: important
  6. - Overall correct detection, but with some glitches: minor
  7. * Reproducers
  8. It's crucial to test whether a detection works as expected, or why it
  9. fails. So please provide something suitable: Attach a short sample, or
  10. send an information where to find it. As a last resort, provide a hex
  11. dump of the first 256 bytes. Your package maintainer will ask for more
  12. if necessary. Double-check this file neither contains sensitive data
  13. nor infringes a copyright.
  14. * File format descriptions
  15. For any file types not detected yet: Pointers to documents that
  16. describe the file format are a great help, too.