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  1. New upstream version release procedure
  2. ======================================
  3. Besides the usual stuff of refreshing patch queue, adjusting to recent
  4. Debian policy and debhelper compat level, addressing lintian warnigs ...
  5. * Run a full regression test on the upstream release, an both litte
  6. and big endian architectures.
  7. NB: The test scripts are not public yet, the thesaurus will never be,
  8. for legal reasons.
  9. * Run a full regression test on the Debian version as above.
  10. * Test-rebuild diffoscope using the new version.
  11. * First upload is to *experimental*.
  12. * Wait for ACCEPTED, then send a message to
  13. *
  14. using the following template:
  15. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Subject: Heads-up: New upstream version of src:file in experimental
  17. Hello there,
  18. A new upstream release of file/libmagic has been accepted into
  19. experimental a few moments ago, version <DEB_VERSION>. As your package is
  20. one of those that somewhat suffered from surprising feature changes of
  21. libmagic in the past, I'd like to give you an opportunity to test and
  22. to prepare for any changes, for better or for worse. In case of the
  23. latter, use the BTS as usual to report detections that could see an
  24. improvement.
  25. My plan is to upload to unstable in a week from now.
  26. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. * Brace for impact.
  28. * Watch upstream git for the first round of bugfix commits.