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  Christoph Biedl 401fcf683b http-parser 2.9.4-2 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 3a0acd68f2 http-parser 2.9.4-1 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 56cd1e401f http-parser 2.9.3-1 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl b85f4c4f2f http-parser 2.9.2-2 3 years ago
  Christoph Biedl e1f8a07d2a http-parser 2.9.2-1 3 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 599ca5f491 http-parser 2.8.1-1 4 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 30e1225549 http-parser 2.8.1-1 4 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 43c266bed6 http-parser 2.7.1-2 5 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 9fb67d9ecd http-parser 2.7.1-1~exp2 5 years ago
  Christoph Biedl e6f7dc0e6b http-parser 2.7.1-1~exp1 5 years ago
  Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo a8d1f7a71d Release to unstable 5 years ago
  Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 11be744198 Fix FTCBFS: Let dh_auto_build pass cross flags. (Closes #842848) 5 years ago
  Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo 8e644eb01b Fix FTBFS with GCC-7, thanks to Hilko Bengen (Closes: #853446) 5 years ago
  Cédric Boutillier 4fa08a623b prepare changelog 9 years ago
  Praveen Arimbrathodiyil c60e6182b5 fix changelog syntax 9 years ago
  Praveen Arimbrathodiyil 13f634818f fold new changes to -1 9 years ago
  Cédric Boutillier 6c0f468f5c update changelog 9 years ago
  Per Andersson f96af493ac Mark as UNRELEASED 9 years ago
  Per Andersson cf1b2c0c2b Fix Vcs-* URLs 9 years ago
  Per Andersson 0f31ca8aa5 debian/copyright: Update with years 9 years ago
  Praveen Arimbrathodiyil a585718ad2 add ITP, target unstable 9 years ago
  Praveen Arimbrathodiyil c1e615c982 Imported Debian patch 2.1-1 9 years ago