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  1. ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
  2. (c)2001-2003 by Alexander Barton,
  3. alex@barton.de, http://www.barton.de/
  4. ngIRCd is free software and published under the
  5. terms of the GNU General Public License.
  6. -- FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions --
  7. I. General
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  9. Q: Is it possible to link the ngIRCd with non-ngIRCd servers?
  10. A: Yes. ngIRCd is compatible to the original ircd used by IRCNet. Actually
  11. this is being tested with version 2.10.3p3.
  12. Q: Is there a homepage with further information and downloads?
  13. A: Yes. Please visit <http://ngircd.barton.de/>.
  14. Q: Why should I use ngIRCd instead of the original one?
  15. A: ngIRCd offers several benefits: no problems with dynamic IPs, easy to
  16. configure, open source (GPL), under active development.
  17. II. Compilation
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  19. Q: I did a "CVS checkout" but can't execute ./configure because the script
  20. is missing in the generated directory!?
  21. A: When using development versions via CVS, the configure script as well as
  22. the Makefile.in templates must be generated using GNU automake and GNU
  23. autoconf. To simplify this task run the ./autogen.sh script which will
  24. execute the required tools for you; then continue with executing the
  25. ./configure script as usual.
  26. Q: The ./autogen.sh script complains "aclocal: command not found".
  27. A: GNU automake is missing on your system but required for building CVS
  28. versions of ngIRCd. Install GNU automake 1.6 or later and try again.
  29. Q: The ./autogen.sh script stops with "autoheader: command not found".
  30. A: GNU autoconf is missing on your system but required for building CVS
  31. versions of ngIRCd. Install GNU autoconf 2.52 or later and try again.
  32. Q: The ./autogen.sh script fails and the message "automake: configure.in:
  33. AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE must be used" is displayed.
  34. A: Most probably you are using version 1.5 of GNU automake which seems to be
  35. incompatible to the build system of ngIRCd. Solution: upgrade to at least
  36. version 1.6 of GNU automake.
  37. (If you are using Debian 3.0 "Woody" you can try to downgrade to version
  38. 1.4 of GNU automake shipped with this distribution; it should work, too.)
  39. III. Runtime
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  41. Q: I cannot connect to remote peers when I use the chroot option, the
  42. following is logged: "Can't resolve example.com: unknown error!".
  43. A: On Linux/glibc with chroot enabled you need to put some libraries inside
  44. the chroot as well, notably libnss_dns; maybe others. Unfortunately, even
  45. linking ngircd statically does not help this. The only known workaround
  46. is to either disable chroot support or to link against dietlibc instead
  47. of glibc. (tnx to Sebastian Siewior)
  48. IV. Bugs!?
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  50. Q: Is there a list of known bugs and desired feature enhancements?
  51. A: Yes. Have a look at the bug tracking system (Bugzilla) for ngIRCd located
  52. at <http://ngircd.barton.de/bugzilla/index.cgi>. There you can file bug
  53. reports and feature requests as well as search the bug database.
  54. Q: What should I do if I found a bug?
  55. A: Please file a bug report at <http://ngircd.barton.de/bugzilla/index.cgi>!
  56. The author of the particular component will be notified automagically :-)
  57. --
  58. $Id: FAQ.txt,v 1.12 2008/01/02 22:47:58 alex Exp $