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  1. ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
  2. -- GIT.txt --
  3. The source code of ngIRCd is maintained using git, the stupid content
  4. tracker.
  5. I. Getting the source code
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. To access the source tree anonymously, run:
  8. $ git clone git://
  9. Thereby a new folder "ngircd" will be created containing all the individual
  10. source files.
  11. The newly created directory ("ngircd") is the "working directory", all
  12. git commands will be executed from within this directory in the future.
  13. Please note: When checking out a fresh copy of ngIRCd using git, the
  14. configure script doesn't exist; you have to run the shell script
  15. (which is included in the source tree) to generate it. This requires you to
  16. have GNU automake and GNU autoconf installed on your system.
  17. To update the git tree:
  18. $ git pull
  19. This retrieves all changes and merges them into the current branch.
  20. II. Contributing
  21. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  22. Patches should be sent to the ngircd mailing list. List homepage:
  24. If you do not want to send them to the list, you can also mail them
  25. to Alex Barton, <>.
  26. III. Write Access
  27. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  28. If you want to contribute a couple of patches and write access to the git
  29. repository would be handy, please contact Alex Barton, <>.