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  1. ngIRCd - Next Generation IRC Server
  2. (c)2001-2006 Alexander Barton,
  4. ngIRCd is free software and published under the
  5. terms of the GNU General Public License.
  6. -- CVS.txt --
  7. The source code of ngIRCd is maintained using the "Concurrent Versions
  8. System" (CVS). Thereby several developers can work with the source tree at
  9. the same time.
  10. I. Anonymous read-only Access
  11. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. To access the source tree anonymously in read-only mode, follow these steps:
  13. Login to the CVS server:
  14. $ cvs login
  15. Use "anonymous" as user name and no password (just hit Return). Now you can
  16. check out the sources:
  17. $ cvs checkout ngircd
  18. Thereby a new folder "ngircd" will be created containing all the individual
  19. source files. (Substitute the last "ngircd" with "website" to check out all
  20. the files of the homepage of ngIRCd.)
  21. The newly created folder ("ngircd" or "website") is the "working folder", all
  22. CVS commands will be executed from within this folder in the future.
  23. Please note: When checking out a fresh copy of ngIRCd from CVS, the
  24. configure script doesn't exist; you have to run the shell script
  25. (which is included in the source tree) to generate it. This requires you to
  26. have GNU automake and GNU autoconf installed on your system.
  27. Updating the CVS tree:
  28. $ cvs update -d -P [<filename>]
  29. You can update a single file or the complete source tree.
  30. II. Write Access
  31. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  32. If you want to contribute a couple of patches and write access to the CVS
  33. repository would be handy, please contact Alex Barton, <>.
  34. --
  35. $Id: CVS.txt,v 2006/08/02 09:04:20 alex Exp $