4. The Test Environment

I have built a test environment as shown in the diagram. In the rest of the howto, the configurations of software are based on this topology.

A Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Server is set up as the AD domain controller, DNS server and WINS server. The pptp gateway is the Linux box which has 2 network cards. One connects to the internal network,, and the other one connects to the Internet with ip address The internal network has two subnets, and

The domain name of the Windows AD domain is EXAMPLENET.ORG and the corresponding netbios name is EXAMPLE.

Windows Domain Summary:

Domain Controller Name dc1.examplenet.org
Domain Controller IP Address
DNS IP Address
WINS IP Address
AD Domain Name examplenet.org
AD Netbios Domain Name example

Note: The Windows server that I used for FC4/5/6 testing was a Windows 2003 standard with SP1. In another word, the information presented in Appendix for FC 4, 5 and 6 is not tested for Windows 2003 R2 although I believe it should work.

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