Setting up the Linux PPTP 1.0.2 client (and PPP 2.3.5) with Windows NT PPTP Server

About the systems

This document assumes the following:

We want to connect our local machine to the remote machine using PPTP. The remote machine is a Windows NT box while our local machine is a Linux box.

PPP chap-secrets file

Find the chap-secrets file which should be in /etc/ppp/. This file should look like this:

# chap-secrets
# clientserversecretIP adresses

Setting up PPP debugging

PPP debugging is handled by syslogd. To setup debugging open syslog.conf which should be found in /etc/ and add the following entry:

daemon.debug /var/log/pppd.log

Launching PPTP

The following command is issued on the linux box to connect to the remote NT machine.

pptp orge debug name gnoll\\billybob remotename orge


This error occurs when you supply an incorrect username/password to the remote NT machine. Check the chap-secrets file and the command line where PPTP is launched.


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