1. Poptop README
  2. -------------
  3. You *must* do a 'make install' or Poptop will *NOT* find the binaries!
  4. See INSTALL for generic compile/install instructions, and run
  5. "./configure --help" for a list of valid options, or just type:
  6. ./configure
  7. make
  8. make install
  9. (make install copies the binaries to /usr/local/sbin, so you better be root)
  10. To run Poptop simply type: 'pptpd' (or /usr/local/sbin/pptpd if you don't
  11. have /usr/local/sbin in your path).
  12. You may specify a number of options on the command line to change
  13. how Poptop launches PPP.
  14. Type: 'pptpd -h' for options you may specify on the command line.
  15. Sample config files are in examples/
  16. For more help look in html/
  17. or visit the Poptop web site at:
  18. Good Luck!
  19. -Poptop Development Team