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  1. $Id: README.logwtmp,v 1.1 2004/04/28 11:36:07 quozl Exp $
  2. pptpd 1.2.0 logwtmp feature, by James Cameron, 28th April 2004.
  3. The --logwtmp feature uses the standard wtmp feature to track users
  4. who have connections to the server. It works as follows.
  5. When a connection occurs, pptpd launches pppd with two additional
  6. options. The first option directs pppd to load the
  7. plugin. The second option is the IP address of the client.
  8. "plugin /usr/lib/pptpd/"
  9. "pptpd-original-ip"
  10. The plugin defines the pptpd-original-ip option so that pppd will
  11. accept it.
  12. If the plugin fails to load, pppd will fail in the usual manner. Such
  13. a failure will usually be related to a missing file in /usr/lib/pptpd.
  14. The plugin asks pppd to notify it when IP comes up or goes down.
  15. When IP comes up, the plugin's ip_up() function executes, calling
  16. logwtmp() to mark the user as logged in. Once this has happened,
  17. commands like "who" will show the user. The tty will be set to the
  18. PPP interface name.
  19. When IP goes down, the plugin's ip_down() function executes, removing
  20. the entry from wtmp. Note that a "kill -9" on the pppd will result in
  21. a user appearing to remain logged in. Don't use "kill -9", use an
  22. ordinary kill.
  23. If pppd debug mode is enabled, the plugin announces it's version when
  24. loaded, and reports the parameters it is handing over to the logwtmp
  25. call. See the plugins/pptpd-logwtmp.c source.
  26. --