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  1. How 2 use slirp with pptpd-0.9.0
  2. o Grab the slirp-1.0c package and install it
  4. (other versions might work also, but were not tested)
  5. Then install pptpd
  6. o ./configure --with-slirp
  7. o Set path to slirp in config.h right
  8. o Be sure to have a HOME variable set when you start
  9. pptpd, because slirp reads the HOME/.chap-secrets file
  10. for authentication
  11. This file must be filled in the same way as the
  12. chap-secrets for pppd
  13. o For the rest follow the pptpd instructions
  14. o I have tested this with a Solaris 2.4 server, gcc and
  15. pptpd running on this configuration. As client I used
  16. Win95 DUN 1.3. I only tested this on a local network because
  17. our routers still block port 47.
  18. With this test I get a clean authentication.
  19. Harald Vogt,
  20. Mon Jun 14 09:49:40 MET DST 1999