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  1. .TH BCRELAY "8" "31 Dec 2010" "Version 1.3.4" "BCRELAY MANUAL PAGE"
  2. .SH NAME
  3. \fBbcrelay\fR \- a broadcast relay daemon
  5. .B bcrelay
  6. [\fIOPTION\fR]...
  8. .B bcrelay
  9. simply plays as a broadcast repeater. When \fBbcrelay\fR receives packets
  10. from the incomming interface, it will then relay them to the outgoing
  11. interface.
  12. .LP
  14. .TP
  15. \fB-d\fR,\fB\-\-daemon\fR
  16. Run \fBbcrelay\fR as a daemon.
  17. .TP
  18. \fB-h\fR,\fB\-\-help\fR
  19. Show help message.
  20. .TP
  21. \fB-i\fR,\fB\-\-incoming\fR \fIinterface-in
  22. Defines from which interface broadcasts will be read.
  23. .TP
  24. \fB-s\fR,\fB\-\-outgoing\fR \fIinterface-out
  25. Defines to which interface broadcasts will be relayed.
  26. .TP
  27. \fB-n\fR,\fB\-\-nolog\fR
  28. Disable any logging and tracing to /var/log/messages except fatal error
  29. messages.
  30. .TP
  31. \fB-s\fR,\fB\-\-ipsec\fR \fIargument\fR
  32. Defines an ipsec tunnel to be relayed to. Since ipsec tunnels terminate on
  33. the same interface, we need to define the broadcast address of the other
  34. end-point of the tunnel. This is done as ipsec0:x.x.x.255.
  35. .TP
  36. \fB-v\fR,\fB\-\-version\fR
  37. Show the version of \fBbcrelay\fR.
  38. .TP
  39. Log messages and debugging information go to syslog as daemon.
  40. .TP
  41. Interfaces can be specified as regexpressions, ie. ppp[0-9]+.
  43. .sp
  44. Original \fBbcrelay\fR program was written by Luc Richards
  45. <TheyCallMeLuc@yahoo.com.au>.
  46. .sp
  47. \fBBcrelay\fR was modified for \fBpoptop\fR by Richard de Vroede
  48. <r.devroede@linvision.com> and rewritten by Norbert van Bolhuis
  49. <norbert@vanbolhuis.demon.nl> for version (v1.0+) of \fBbcrelay\fR.
  50. .sp
  51. This manual page was written by Nguyen Vinh for Debian GNU/Linux System (but
  52. may be used for others). Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or
  53. modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License
  54. Version 2, and any later versions published by Free Software Foundation.
  55. There is no WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by the law.
  56. .SH SEE ALSO
  57. For more detailed information about \fBbcrelay\fR, please read README.