Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christoph Biedl 44f33eb095 python-magic 2:0.4.15-2 9 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 4de6a9e203 Add Vcs URLs 9 months ago
  Christoph Biedl a7fed0d712 Packaging cleanup 9 months ago
  Christoph Biedl e7937d1028 Disable gzip test. Closes: #897471 9 months ago
  Christoph Biedl ff90ddedd2 python-magic 2:0.4.15-1 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl a6fce04c6d python-magic 2:0.4.15-1~exp2 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl c494591902 Update libmagic compability to the latest upstream commit 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 451ffe93cc Initial packaging. Closes: #877849 1 year ago
  Adam Hupp 44e931be1a Import upstream version 0.4.15 1 year ago