1. Fri Sep 20 2022
  2. Softflowd 1.1.0
  3. This release contains some new features and some bug fix by community.
  4. Details
  5. This release contains the following new features:
  6. Add -x option which means number of MPLS shim label header for decoding and exporting MPLS packet.
  7. Add -B option for specifying Libpcap buffer size.
  8. Add exporting interface name with --enable-ifname configure option.
  9. Fri Aug 16 2019
  10. Softflowd 1.0.0
  11. This release contains some new features.
  12. Details
  13. This release contains the following new features:
  14. Add support sending packet capture data using PSAMP format,
  15. Add function for sending to multiple destination with/without load-balance.
  16. Add function for injecting to ntopng directly.
  17. Mon Feb 13 2012
  18. Softflowd 0.9.9
  19. This release contains a number of bug fixes and some new features. It also welcomes Hitoshi Irino as a developer.
  20. Details
  21. This release contains the following new features:
  22. Add support for flow sampling, controlled by a new -s option (see softflowd(8) manpage for details)
  23. Add compile-time --chrootdir option to specify alternate chroot directory.
  24. Allow specification of input and output interface indices using a new -i option.
  25. Introduce a freelist allocator for expiry and flow objects, faster than malloc
  26. And the following bug fixes:
  27. Correctly exit from mainloop when a signal is received
  28. Fix logging from reduced-privileged child
  29. Many manpage typo, consistency and formatting fixes
  30. The softflow statistics command now displays the time at which softflowd was started
  31. Avoid spurious exit from mainloop while listening on "any" interface
  32. Correct broken IPv6 Netflow v.9 flows