Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christoph Biedl 82a1f89b72 tcpreplay 4.4.1-2 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 1e94aa414b Also disable for: alpha, ia64, mipsel, mips64el 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9311c7fcdb tcpreplay 4.4.1-1 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl c6543ce634 Restrict architectures to those that do not require strict alignment 2 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 9e633ac4ac Refresh patch queue 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl a82360fd36 Merge upstream version 4.4.1 4 months ago
  Fred Klassen 7a59378ff8 Import upstream version 4.4.1 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 216063ed17 tcpreplay 4.4.0-1 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl ed06c897bb Remove binary file desclaration as recommended by lintian 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 6431356186 Typo fixes 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl a9af2a747c Update debian/copyright 4 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 6bb118d82d Refresh patches 5 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 350140adde Merge upstream version 4.4.0 5 months ago
  Fred Klassen 661da7d41e Import upstream version 4.4.0 5 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 58d2f59067 Fix build for hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-i386, too 10 months ago
  Christoph Biedl c278a2b775 tcpreplay 4.3.4-1 10 months ago
  Christoph Biedl 1f1dd9ed32 Packaging cleanup 10 months ago
  Christoph Biedl f15509108b Merge upstream version 4.3.4 10 months ago
  Fred Klassen 5e9a801caa Import upstream version 4.3.4 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 3fef13698a tcpreplay 4.3.3-2 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 4cd201b155 Fix build error on i386 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 310da2cac1 tcpreplay 4.3.3-1 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 11d7938107 Drop patch upstream.catch-caplen-exceed.patch, fixed upstream 1 year ago
  Christoph Biedl 5fd85191d7 Merge upstream version 4.3.3 1 year ago
  Fred Klassen e275e34f9b Import upstream version 4.3.3 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 5794d59ea6 tcpreplay 4.3.2-1 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 84abf73471 Add VCS URLs 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl aaf777add0 Packaging cleanup 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl cd48ef20c7 Refresh patch queue 2 years ago
  Christoph Biedl 3c44da07a4 Merge upstream version 4.3.2 2 years ago