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  2. <ul>
  3. </ul><H2>NAME </H2><ul>
  4. flowreplay - Connect to servers based on network traffic stored in pcap files
  5. </ul><H2>SYNOPSIS </H2><ul>
  6. <b>flowreplay</b>
  7. [<b>-<i>flag</i></b> [<i>value</i>]]... [<b>--<i>opt-name</i></b> [[=| ]<i>value</i>]]...
  8. <br>
  9. &lt;pcap_file(s)&gt;
  10. <p>
  11. flowreplay is a tool for using network traffic stored in pcap(3) files as
  12. the basis for replaying connections to servers.
  13. </ul><H2>DESCRIPTION </H2><ul>
  14. This manual page documents, briefly, the <b>flowreplay</b> command.
  15. Please note that flowreplay is currently in <b>alpha</b>. As such, it is still
  16. very much a work in progress and currently will not work for most uses. If
  17. you have the skill and interest to help make flowreplay work better, please
  18. contact Aaron Turner.
  19. </ul><H2>OPTIONS </H2><ul>
  20. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-d</b> <i>number</i>, <b>--dbug</b>=<b><i>number</i></b>
  21. <dd>Enable debugging output.
  22. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  23. The default <i>number</i> for this option is:
  24. </dl><br>
  25. 0
  26. <p>
  27. If configured with --enable-debug, then you can specify a verbosity
  28. level for debugging output. Higher numbers increase verbosity.
  29. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-v</b>, <b>--verbose</b>
  30. <dd>Print decoded packets via tcpdump to STDOUT.
  31. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  32. </dl>
  33. <p>
  34. <p><p><dl compact><dt><b>-A</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--decode</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  35. <dd>Arguments passed to tcpdump decoder.
  36. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  37. This option must appear in combination with the following options:
  38. verbose.
  39. </dl>
  40. <p>
  41. When enabling verbose mode (<b>-v</b>) you may also specify one or more
  42. additional arguments to pass to <b>tcpdump</b> to modify the way packets
  43. are decoded. By default, -n and -l are used. Be sure to
  44. quote the arguments like: -A "-axxx" so that they are not interpreted
  45. by tcpreplay. The following arguments are vaild:
  46. [ -aAeNqRStuvxX ]
  47. [ -E spi@ipaddr algo:secret,... ]
  48. [ -s snaplen ]
  49. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-m</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--mode</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  50. <dd>Replay mode.
  51. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  52. </dl>
  53. <p>
  54. Flowreplay needs to know handle client/server exchanges to properly time.
  55. The options are:
  56. <p>
  57. <i><b>send</b></i>
  58. Replay traffic as fast as possible. Do not wait for server to reply.
  59. <p>
  60. <i><b>wait</b></i>
  61. Wait <b>--wait</b> sec.usec for the server to reply before sending.
  62. <p>
  63. <i><b>bytes</b></i>
  64. Wait until the server has sent the number of bytes stored in the pcap file.
  65. <p>
  66. <i><b>user</b></i>
  67. Send packets based on user interaction.
  68. <br>
  69. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-w</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--wait</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  70. <dd>Number of sec.usec to wait between client's turn to send.
  71. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  72. </dl>
  73. <p>
  74. If <b>--mode</b> is <b>wait</b>, then you can specify the amount of time to
  75. wait for the server to complete it's side of the transaction before starting
  76. to send the client side again.
  77. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-t</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--targetip</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  78. <dd>Target host to connect to.
  79. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  80. </dl>
  81. <p>
  82. This option has not been fully documented.
  83. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-f</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--filter</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  84. <dd>BPF filter to limit which flows are replayed.
  85. This option may appear up to 1 times.
  86. </dl>
  87. <p>
  88. <p><p><dl compact><dt><b>-c</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--clientnet</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  89. <dd>Client network(s).
  90. </dl>
  91. <p>
  92. This option has not been fully documented.
  93. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-s</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--servernet</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  94. <dd>Server network(s).
  95. </dl>
  96. <p>
  97. This option has not been fully documented.
  98. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-n</b>, <b>--nosyn</b>
  99. <dd>Disable Syn packet requirement to start connections.
  100. </dl>
  101. <p>
  102. This option has not been fully documented.
  103. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-l</b> <i>string</i>, <b>--slimit</b>=<b><i>string</i></b>
  104. <dd>Service limit to proto/port.
  105. </dl>
  106. <p>
  107. This option has not been fully documented.
  108. <p><dl compact><dt><b>-V</b>, <b>--version</b>
  109. <dd>Print version information.
  110. </dl>
  111. <p>
  112. <p><p><dl compact><dt><b>-h</b>, <b>--less-help</b>
  113. <dd>Display less usage information and exit.
  114. </dl>
  115. <p>
  116. <p><p><dl compact><dt><b>-H</b>,<b> --help</b>
  117. <dd>Display usage information and exit.
  118. <dt><b>-!</b>,<b> --more-help</b>
  119. <dd>Extended usage information passed thru pager.
  120. <dt><b>-</b> [<i>rcfile</i>],<b> --save-opts</b>[=<i>rcfile</i>]
  121. <dd>Save the option state to <i>rcfile</i>. The default is the <i>last</i>
  122. configuration file listed in the <b>OPTION PRESETS</b> section, below.
  123. <dt><b>-</b> <i>rcfile</i>,<b> --load-opts</b>=<i>rcfile</i>,<b> --no-load-opts</b>
  124. <dd>Load options from <i>rcfile</i>.
  125. The <i>no-load-opts</i> form will disable the loading
  126. of earlier RC/INI files. <i>--no-load-opts</i> is handled early,
  127. out of order.
  128. </dl>
  129. </ul><H2>OPTION PRESETS </H2><ul>
  130. Any option that is not marked as <i>not presettable</i> may be preset
  131. by loading values from configuration ("RC" or ".INI") file(s).
  132. The <i>homerc</i> file is "<i>$$/</i>", unless that is a directory.
  133. In that case, the file "<i>.flowreplayrc</i>"
  134. is searched for within that directory.
  135. </ul><H2>AUTHOR </H2><ul>
  136. Copyright 2000-2005 Aaron Turner
  137. <p>For support please use the tcpreplay-users@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list.
  138. <p>
  139. Released under the Free BSD License.
  140. <p>
  141. This manual page was <i>AutoGen</i>-erated from the <b>flowreplay</b>
  142. option definitions.
  143. </ul>
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