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  Toastie 3b79b1ecfb added pkg, fixed journal conf 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 7c0dd97868 changed installation order 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 2faddbfe12 fixed permissions 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 4ef0334c08 added qemu-utils, added admin to libvirt 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 9882e0f475 added bridge-utils 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 7487bb4df2 append configuration 3 weeks ago
  Toastie c099c2fdc9 added missing section to journald.conf.d/retention.conf 4 weeks ago
  Toastie ce17cb3bdd added polkitd to allow systemd-network setting the hostname 4 weeks ago
  Toastie 4d6326be96 set gid/perms for /opt/docker 1 month ago
  Toastie 5b0b8d2785 updated from 1 month ago
  Toastie b10f9bacd3 added pkg: file, wget, bzip2, pciutils 1 month ago
  Toastie a697306026 qemu-utils 8 months ago
  Toastie 91822c4e37 added admin to libvirt group 8 months ago
  Toastie 938e39480b merged 8 months ago
  Toastie 2a745dc84e changes to merge 8 months ago
  Toastie d5746e5c2e changed startup order 9 months ago
  Toastie d1447358fd update first attempt 9 months ago
  Toastie fe14792ff0 wait for systemctl start to finish prior to check logs 9 months ago
  Toastie 00c442573c added full path to /installer/ 9 months ago
  Toastie 1f48367af6 stop on error 9 months ago
  Toastie fcd3527a83 added missing path to network xml 9 months ago
  Toastie ddf0f1e7e6 removed sudo 9 months ago
  Toastie 0071dbbe9c fixed check for block device 9 months ago
  Toastie 39f9918b62 fixed permissions 9 months ago
  Toastie 9e2f07e9a5 updated to single disk setup 9 months ago
  Toastie 70e3c19cc2 Add '' 9 months ago
  Toastie c425e528f5 initial 9 months ago
  Toastie 7aae71254c initial 9 months ago
  Toastie aedf9c11b9 added some emojis 9 months ago
  Toastie e4b74ea030 create swapfile after mounting disk 9 months ago