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  Toastie 7a514e139e removed 3 weeks ago
  Toastie e5340f5759 removed lsb_release 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 4b7bb76ae5 exit on error 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 14670bbec1 added comment to systemd-resolve config 3 weeks ago
  Toastie c5c9701a9f disabled local name resolution globally 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 4851d26416 disabled MulticastDNS and LLMNR on interface level 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 5fbb099da2 commented out systemd-resolved 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 09ec8dd2b5 upgraded to bookworm 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 29b040310d changed to bookworm 4 weeks ago
  root 692cefc257 fixed permisison and docu 4 weeks ago
  Toastie 99c9d7cc23 changed to bookworm 4 weeks ago
  Toastie 9923f388e4 minor fix 4 weeks ago
  Toastie 9c56218324 changed to bookworm suite and sources.list 4 weeks ago
  root e6620a71f8 added bookworm initial 4 weeks ago
  Toastie e61d662f71 '' ändern 4 weeks ago
  Toastie dd17f4eb77 fixed journald config 6 months ago
  Toastie 311e3add24 added reference 7 months ago
  Toastie 9d1a612e19 moved from docker repo 7 months ago
  Toastie 34d5982bb9 added comment for 7 months ago
  Toastie f2582cb228 added passwordless sudo for admin 7 months ago
  Toastie fabbfc2853 initial 7 months ago
  Toastie 2d9af5946d added remarks for usage 7 months ago
  toastie89 af47c90725 added option for extra packages 1 year ago
  Toastie 6a531cbc11 added remarks 1 year ago
  Toastie 75a9decd51 added ch usage 1 year ago
  toastie89 5fe124a481 added molly-guard 1 year ago
  toastie89 950ac12a80 chmod -x 1 year ago
  toastie89 20ca7b79e8 removed bookworm 1 year ago
  toastie89 ed14e81152 initial 1 year ago
  toastie89 e952c47cf6 added commands for qemu images 1 year ago