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  Toastie dd17f4eb77 fixed journald config 5 days ago
  Toastie 311e3add24 added reference 2 weeks ago
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  Toastie f2582cb228 added passwordless sudo for admin 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 2d9af5946d added remarks for usage 4 weeks ago
  toastie89 af47c90725 added option for extra packages 6 months ago
  toastie89 5fe124a481 added molly-guard 6 months ago
  toastie89 542a099ead Merge branch 'master' of 7 months ago
  Toastie a31439f2cd added keyboard layout 7 months ago
  toastie89 a1f55e46ab fixed password in config 7 months ago
  toastie89 e120767d96 added option for fixed passwords 7 months ago
  Toastie 2ad8af21fb added umount for root partition and deletion of the mountpoint 7 months ago
  Toastie 4f5f17b6f8 added missing $mnt 7 months ago
  toastie89 e6146455d6 fixed typo in help 7 months ago
  Toastie aa28f54d0a updated design decisions 7 months ago
  Toastie a93bf76682 added usage instructions and updated design decisions, fixed root password 7 months ago
  Toastie 7ffc9b4985 using variables for grmlnetsetup 7 months ago
  Toastie 0f39f3679a commented variables 7 months ago
  Toastie 18b87ddccc fixed typo in filename 7 months ago