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Setup the DB Root Password

  • cp .env.template .env && vi .env
  • The root password in .env gets stored in the DB during the intial container deployment. Changes of the file in a later stage have no effect.
  • The password can be changed later on only using mysqladmin' -u root password 'new-password'.


  • Create a new DB by running .utils/ <database_name>
    • <database_name> is the name and user of the new DB
    • The password is set randomly and stored with further details in db_defintion__<database_name>.txt.
  • List DBs by running ./utils/
  • Delete a DB by running .utils/ <database_name>
  • For backup see the container db_sqldump
  • Upgrade docker exec db sh -c 'mariadb-upgrade -p$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD
  • Restore docker exec db sh -c 'mysql -p$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD < /mnt/backup/backupfile.sql'