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+# RFID Acton Controller (rfidac)
+## Credits
+The idea and most code was borrowed from [here](, thanks Thomas!
+## Introduction
+The rdicac is the central piece of user interaction which reads the USB card reader and takes action. The full picture is explained in the [dudelbox readme](../ This container runs under uid 100 with the gid set in the Dockerfile build ARG `gid_input` (default 105). The gid should represent the group `input` on the Docker host to make `/dev/input/event0` accessible. 
+## Script Overview
+- `` simplified script that prints detected tag IDs to the docker log
+- `` reads the rfid tags and runs respective bash scripts with threshold when the same tag was detected twice
+- - - `_action_template` is the template copied when no corresponding bash script was found
+- `_mpd_helper` is a collection of common functions sourced by the bash scripts