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  admin fcce3f8a01 added hook for acme to fix permissions 8 months ago
  Toastie 8aa56bd0b1 initial 1 year ago
  admin 0be8f14117 Merge branch 'v1.1' of into ls 1 year ago
  admin ad57197707 upgraded to 22.05 1 year ago
  Toastie e7ff561bab Added another reference 1 year ago
  Toastie 319cb0a9b4 added missing slash in volume paths 2 years ago
  Toastie 1ec0979f7e updated Prerequisites 2 years ago
  Toastie bd4be1f839 added fix for permissions 2 years ago
  dominik 57343f072b disabled scram as possibly not compatible with stun/turn auth 2 years ago
  Toastie be6f0f91f0 fixed urls for stun/turn discovery 2 years ago
  Toastie fd0718a02a added turn test task 2 years ago
  dominik 286d0fd0ce fixed and cleaned up 2 years ago
  dominik 3fefcb4809 added commented line for ldap 2 years ago
  dominik 1adc140ecd overwrite existing custom.yml 2 years ago
  Toastie ceeff9b73c changed from md to actual config with comments 2 years ago
  Toastie 186d171c28 added debugging info 2 years ago
  dominik a35471cf7a added option to have custom config files 2 years ago
  dominik 5b2f8f57ba removed duplicate http content type 2 years ago
  dominik 2b74d2633a moved to 2 years ago
  dominik 058de6802e moved www to ~ 2 years ago
  Dominik 8a126480b8 added service records for stun/turn 2 years ago
  Dominik 3745238d35 updated for v1.1 2 years ago
  Dominik 7b1767fd6e changed to alphabetic order 2 years ago
  Dominik e08a86e094 fixed typo 2 years ago
  Dominik bddabd12f8 updated TASKS/RELEASE 2 years ago
  Dominik 3981f316eb removed (c) 2 years ago
  Dominik 0ccf95016b removed old files 2 years ago
  Dominik 660327c557 references cleaned up 2 years ago
  Dominik 4b367b76cf added content types 2 years ago
  Dominik 91c43f3945 added generator for xep-0156 discovery files 2 years ago