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  • add and test stun/turn
  • new log configuration
  • c2s, s2s and http
  • listen
  • modules
  • .env dynamic configuration
  • check the reference config from https://hub.docker.com/r/rroemhild/ejabberd/
  • add abuse address
  • re-enable irc
  • add conversejs
  • set conversejs as startpage
  • compliance test


  • consistent backup of the mnesa DB
    • add container to run: docker exec ejabberd bin/ejabberdctl backup /home/ejabberd/backup/backup
  • fix certificate expiration
    • idea: add a config-reload via acme.sh trigger-file
    • info: newer versions apparently reload when the date of the pem file changes
    • next: if the issue persists, let's try to not use a wildcard in the config but the exact filename
  • automatic update with watchtower
    • there have been breaking changes in the past, so this might be no good idea ;-)


  • mam in sqlite with migration path for existing msgs Monitor if file permissions changed and change them back

ssl update ideas

docker run -it --rm -d \
-v /opt/docker/proxy/data/certs/im.s-up.net/:/home/ejabberd/ssl/ \
--name ejabberd-perms alpine \
sh -c 'apk add --no-cache inotify-tools
while true; do inotifywait /home/ejabberd/ssl/key.pem  --event attrib \
&& chmod -R o+r,o+X /home/ejabberd/ssl/; done'