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Simple Web API to send xmpp messages via http post requests.


  • The xmpp sender and receivers are configured in the config.ini file.
  • Section ACCOUNT holds the jid (jabber identifier) and password of the user (bot) supposed to send messages.
  • Section RECEIVER holds a 64 character alpha-numeric bearer tokens used for authorziations. To each token exactly one receiver jid must be assigned.

Get started

  • Clone the repo and navigate in the data directory: cd data
  • Copy the example configuration file: cp config.ini.example config.ini
  • Add some bearer tokens to the config files: ./ >> config.ini
  • Setup the sender jid and password, delete the example RECEIVERS and update your own: vim config.ini
  • Start the container: docker-compose up -d


curl -i http://localhost:8010 \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer 2vAWHgdTn74Rb2D4uU5IvyhSKF4xDYGVnu6D8syGU7Wixx4dXfmvxubCMwOxNKWQ" \
     -X POST -H "Content-Type: text/plain" \
     --data "put your message here"