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MinIO, an Amazon S3 compatible object storage server. In this repository you'll find everything to get MinIO with Docker Compose going.


Scope of the basic setup is to run minio

  • as unprivileged user
  • with a directoy mounted for data
  • with the container port 9000 (S3) mapped to a host port

Scope of the advance setup is to run minio in addition

  • with TLS support
  • with web ui (console, port 9001) exposed
  • with TLS support for s3 (port 9000), borrowed from a reverse proxy


# Prepare a directory
[ -d $miniodir ] && echo "Directory $miniodir already exists" && exit 1
mkdir -p /opt/docker/
cd /opt/docker/

# Clone repo
git clone

# Prepare your configuration
cp .env.template .env
  # Update .env
  # - Set custom access and secret keys
  # - set fqdn in $HOSTNAME
  # - set $CERT_PATH to your reverse proxy

# Create a home and data directory owned by 1000:1000
mkdir -p $miniodir/data/home $miniodir/data/data
chown -R 1000:1000 $miniodir

# Start miniominio
docker-compose up -f docker-compose.yml up
docker logs --follow minio

docker-compose up
docker logs --follow minio