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MC – MioIO command line interface

This convenient docker-compose.yml will set a your MinIO connection as per .env and make it available under the name myminio for the MC CLI running in the container.

Setup your tenant / credentials

cp .env.template .env
vi .env

Run the container as one-shot

docker-compose run minio-mc

Typical commands

# buckets
mc mb myminio/documents   # create bucket
mc ls myminio             # list list
mc tree myminio           # list buckets and folders
mc rb myminio/documents   # remove bucket

# dealing with users
mc admin user add myminio johndoe 30RandomAlphaNumericCharacters
mc admin policy set myminio readwrite user=johndoe
mc admin user list myminio
mc admin user info myminio johndoe
mc admin user remove myminio dominik_zino2

# policies
mc admin policy list myminio 
mc admin policy info readonly
mc admin policy info writeonly
mc admin policy info readwrite