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This docker-compose.yml file runs Restic backup as per crontab.txt with parameters set in .env using the restic/restic image.


Setup your config

cp .env.template .env
vi .env

Run the container

docker-compose up -d
docker logs restic -f


List snapshots with date/time

/ # restic ls
Fatal: Invalid arguments, either give one or more snapshot IDs or set filters.
/ # restic snapshots
repository 276b6a79 opened successfully, password is correct
ID        Time                 Host        Tags        Paths
e70bd81a  2020-01-05 23:39:20  restic                  /mnt/source
d629a178  2020-01-06 20:20:06  restic                  /mnt/source
2 snapshots

Show diff between snapshots

restic diff e70bd81a d629a178