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  toastie89 da0b362416 added tmux config 3 weeks ago
  toastie89 fc6deceec1 inital 3 weeks ago
  toastie89 53290f11cd added config/ 1 month ago
  toastie89 ff3a33f4e8 added docker container with wg-utils 1 month ago
  toastie89 a34d76992f added -f for rm to avoid error if dir not exists 1 month ago
  toastie89 bc2f4fa2cd changed to ANSI256 text output 1 month ago
  Toastie ce26dcd78a generalized using variable 4 months ago
  Toastie 0a02f942f0 minor change 4 months ago
  Toastie 7ee41b455d added reference to create-config 4 months ago
  Toastie 6ace6f621d added some description 4 months ago
  Toastie 17cde727ea initial 4 months ago
  Toastie 82577c4e6b added brief navigation 4 months ago
  Toastie 5fc81a6379 added comments, generalized, fixed some errors 4 months ago
  Toastie 14d9a0783a Initial 4 months ago
  Toastie 0f7b8efdf4 added variables for network and ip 4 months ago
  Toastie 7f0c8a6365 Initial 5 months ago
  toastie89 2f82be090a fixed qrcode out to file option 5 months ago
  Dominik 3c505ccc11 removed $confdir 5 months ago
  dominik 16aedfb80d initial 5 months ago
  dominik 55b575347a peers.txt -> peers.cfg 5 months ago
  dominik 1f27697fd2 peers.txt -> peers.cfg 5 months ago
  dominik 9ff8945042 chmod u+x 5 months ago
  Dominik b2cb572624 initial version 5 months ago
  dominik 595dbe0696 initial 5 months ago
  Toastie de919b25ac added wireguard 7 months ago
  Toastie ce8741af8f inital 7 months ago
  Toastie c61161e4a7 renamed and fixed interface name 7 months ago
  Toastie d3acd1572a renamed 7 months ago
  Toastie 2bad04db66 added references 7 months ago
  Toastie 8a457fbe84 initial 7 months ago