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Start with a job description

Prepare an Inteview Plan

Start from the top 5-8 requirements from the job description

Competency Behavioiral Question Interviewer Rating (1-10) Weight

Question Types

  • What if, ...
  • Problem solving, e.g. prepare a flowchart from an procedure
  • Creative thinink question, e.g. what trends do you see coming up...
  • Brain buster, e.g. how many golf balls fit into a Airbus A380
  • Behavioiral Question

Prepepare behavioiral question

  • Develop questions from top requirements
  • Use open-ended questions
  • Ask based on past experience
  • START (e.g. about team work)
    • Situation you were in (Tell me about a project where you worked with a team)
    • Task you had
    • Action you took
    • Result of actions