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  root 328ebff44e added copy command 4 weeks ago
  toastie89 b76a95a25a Merge branch 'main' of into main 4 weeks ago
  toastie89 fe1747ce34 fixed path for secret 4 weeks ago
  Toastie cab0c9c5b2 updated setup instructions 4 weeks ago
  root 321bf9b617 run initial secret creation as root 4 weeks ago
  root 3897ca9e6a changed/fixed folder for secret file 4 weeks ago
  root 42d8e43f0b changed/fixed image name 4 weeks ago
  Dominik 17f5f37943 is now part of the docker image 1 year ago
  Dominik aaec6759c8 initial 1 year ago
  Dominik 676487ba92 initial 1 year ago
  Dominik f3061de49d initial 1 year ago