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Ships plain text files, e.g. logs or status reports via e-mail.


  • This image sends the content of each text file moved from the folder 1-prep to 2-ready via e-mail.
  • The first line of the text file is set as mail subject and all following lines as message body. When done, the mail is moved to 3-done.
  • Files can be either moved manually or will be moved periodically data/opt/txt2mail/var/ ├── 1-prep │ ├── 15min │ │ └── testmail │ ├── daily │ ├── hourly │ ├── manually │ ├── monthly │ └── weekly ├── 2-ready └── 3-done


  1. cp .env.template .env
  2. Set your mail config in .env


  • docker-compose up -d
  • Bind-mount txt2mail/data/mail
  • Create a text file 1-prep to be sent via mail
  • Move the file to 2-ready


  • This container runs as uid/gid 1000
  • The mail/ folder is created on first startup if it doesn't exist