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  Toastie 5956213954 added individual parsing of adr 1 week ago
  Toastie 6f907f0b55 'python/carddav2csv/data/' ändern 1 week ago
  Toastie be4bdb4e8c added differntiation for windows 1 week ago
  Toastie 72e1044db8 initial 3 weeks ago
  Toastie a084376246 added newline after header 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 5bea959481 fixed chained exec of bat files 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 5726393492 added config and script for windows 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 759391412a added script for windows 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 04a1ae0257 initial 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 0ac38ba634 initial 3 weeks ago
  Toastie c0732a1eee running script directly 3 weeks ago
  toastie89 1daf013a5e added /data/status/ 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 4bee821585 initial 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 58ac321e57 added wildcard to find address book 3 weeks ago
  Toastie 0d9427460b initial 3 weeks ago
  Toastie a44e354997 initial 2 months ago
  Toastie 489c9184da initial 2 months ago
  Toastie ae68630023 Update 'access/PopulateMultiValue.vba' 1 year ago
  Toastie 930a62ab22 check duplicates after lookup 1 year ago
  Toastie 95b96188b1 added removal of duplicates 1 year ago
  Toastie 894532206c replaced bug in IF loop and replaced with FOR EACH loop 1 year ago
  Toastie b601e2a59e 'access/' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie 2bb0572cd0 'function/vreplace.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie 3406a5af96 'macro/combine_sheets.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie 6c26599a12 'function/StripAccent.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie d1d39e9eb1 'macro/MatrixToList.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie 5a70d4fc28 'function/LookupConcat.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie ee4bd0e4a2 'macro/GetPassword.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie df23c3a1da 'function/FuzzyMatch.vba' ändern 1 year ago
  Toastie 52e7208cdb 'macro/EnterAndPressEnter.vba' ändern 1 year ago