Christoph Biedl 8ec71c76ef ngircd 26-1 1 week ago
patches 0192ce2733 Work around a race condition in test suite 1 week ago
source b0760fa6cd Change to source format 3.0 (quilt) to benefit from upstream's xz compressed tarball 5 years ago
upstream c92520a398 Use the proper upstream signing key, take 3 2 years ago
changelog 8ec71c76ef ngircd 26-1 1 week ago
control 5045ebc255 Update for new feature: Certificate reload is now possible 1 week ago
copyright 617aa504e8 Update copyright notices to 2020 6 months ago
ngircd.README.Debian cbdbc81774 Document a pitfall about certificate location 1 week ago
ngircd.bug-script 47da461514 Add reportbug sniplet 8 years ago
ngircd.conf 2ad6af4138 Refresh the configuration file using the upstream version 11 months ago
ngircd.init bde911148b Fix and document "status" target in init script 8 years ago
ngircd.lintian-overrides ec70b07d76 Refresh lintian override 1 year ago
ngircd.motd 4df40b70e4 Use https for URLs 2 years ago
ngircd.service 53283faed9 Add Documentation key to systemd service file 4 years ago
ngircd.tmpfile ef9528afbf Packaging cleanup 6 months ago
rules ef9528afbf Packaging cleanup 6 months ago
watch 7e60b6efa7 Fix watch file: Don't report rc versions 1 year ago