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  6. <title>Poptop MSCHAP2 ADS Howto</title>
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  9. <p><a name="test"></a><strong>4. The Test Environment</strong></p>
  10. <p>I have built a test environment as shown in the diagram. In the rest of the howto, the configurations of software are based on this topology. </p>
  11. <p><img src="diagram1.jpg"></p>
  12. <p>A Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Server is set up as the AD domain controller, DNS server and WINS server. The pptp gateway is the Linux box which has 2 network cards. One connects to the internal network,, and the other one connects to the Internet with ip address The internal network has two subnets, and </p>
  13. <p>The domain name of the Windows AD domain is EXAMPLENET.ORG and the corresponding netbios name is EXAMPLE. </p>
  14. <p><strong>Windows Domain Summary</strong>:</p>
  15. <table width="558" border="0">
  16. <tr>
  17. <td width="266">Domain Controller Name </td>
  18. <td width="282">dc1.examplenet.org</td>
  19. </tr>
  20. <tr>
  21. <td>Domain Controller IP Address </td>
  22. <td></td>
  23. </tr>
  24. <tr>
  25. <td>DNS IP Address </td>
  26. <td></td>
  27. </tr>
  28. <tr>
  29. <td>WINS IP Address </td>
  30. <td></td>
  31. </tr>
  32. <tr>
  33. <td>AD Domain Name </td>
  34. <td>examplenet.org</td>
  35. </tr>
  36. <tr>
  37. <td>AD Netbios Domain Name</td>
  38. <td>example</td>
  39. </tr>
  40. </table>
  41. </p>
  42. <p><em><strong>Note:</strong> The Windows server that I used for FC4/5/6 testing was a Windows 2003 standard with SP1. In another word, the information presented in Appendix for FC 4, 5 and 6 is not tested for Windows 2003 R2 although I believe it should work.</em></p>
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