2 Bugs, Feature Requests, and Patches

2.1 Where can I get help, report bugs or contact the developers?

The best place to get help or report a bug is the Tcpreplay-Users mailing list:

2.2 What information should I provide when I report a bug?

One of the most frustrating things for any developer trying to help a user with a problem is not enough information. Please be sure to include at minimum the following information, however any additional information you feel may be helpful will be appreciated.

2.3 I have a feature request, what should I do?

Let us know! Many of the features exist today because users like you asked for them. To make a feature request, you can either email the tcpreplay-users mailing list (see above) or fill out the feature request form on the tcpreplay SourceForge website.

2.4 I've written a patch for tcpreplay, how can I submit it?

I'm always willing to include new features or bug fixes submitted by users. You may email me directly or the tcpreplay-users mailing list. Please do not use the Patch Tracker on the tcpreplay SourceForge web site. But before you start working on adding a feature or fixing a bug in tcpreplay, please make sure you checkout the latest source code from the Subversion repository. Patches against released versions are almost surely not going to apply cleanly if at all.

2.5 Patch requirements

Please note that while I'm always interested in patches, I may rewrite some or all of your submission to maintain a consistent coding style.

Aaron Turner 2005-08-07