6 Required Libraries and Tools

6.1 Libpcap

As of tcpreplay v1.4, you'll need to have libpcap installed on your system. As of v2.0, you'll need at least version 0.6.0 or better, but I only test our code with the latest version. Libpcap can be obtained on the tcpdump homepage6.

6.2 Libnet

Tcpreplay v1.3 is the last version to support the old libnet API (everything before 1.1.x). As of v1.4 you will need to use Libnet 1.1.0 or better which can be obtained from the Libnet homepage7.

6.3 Libpcapnav

Starting with v2.0, tcpreplay can use libpcapnav to support the jump offset feature. If libpcapnav is not found on the system, that feature will be disabled. Libpcapnav can be found on the NetDude homepage8.

6.4 Tcpdump

As of 2.0, tcpreplay uses tcpdump (the binary, not code) to decode packets to STDOUT in a human readable (with practice) format as it sends them. If you would like this feature, tcpdump must be installed on your system.

NOTE: The location of the tcpdump binary is hardcoded in tcpreplay at compile time. If tcpdump gets renamed or moved, the feature will become disabled.


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Aaron Turner 2005-08-07